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The Process

"We are hands on builders, we don't compramise on quality"
- Mark Mertins
Custom Home building offers clients the assurance of inclusive customer service, high quality homes and workmanship. Home owners can be assured that 90% of the home building process is in their hands, we are there to provide you with realistic budgets and prices that will get you the ammenities you want in your home. We pride ourselves on the fact that every homeowner becomes part of the Mertins Homes family. We want to not only build your next home but also a relationship built on trust and integrity.
Starting the Process

When considering to build a new home, meeting the builder is the first priority. With over 50+ years of combined hands-on construction experience, we want you to know you are in good hands when thinking about starting a new project. The entire home building process is built around you and your expectations! 

We listen and want to understand what you are looking for and make sure we are the right fit for your project!

Make an Appointment to Meet or Tour a current Job

What to Expect When Starting

After the initial meeting the want to move forward with Mertins Homes you can expect an 

item-by-item cost proposal and breakdown....This is the bidding process! Since your home is 90% in your hands when it comes to budget and outcome we want to make sure you see exactly where you are going to be saving and spending to get the most out of your budget.

With Mertins Homes you can Expect:

  • Hands-on builders, you deal directly with the owners

  • Experienced contractors that work together and are extremely customer friendly. 

    • Our team of contractors have worked together and we pride ourselves on having the most customer friendly atmosphere. Homeowners can interact and ask questions when visiting the building site.​

  • Very precise organization

  • Scheduling is impecible
    • With deadlines and expectations...we can handle it all. Keeping the job moving is our priority. No pressure put on the homeowner to keep pace, just enjoy the process of seeing their dream home become a reality and remain in constant contact with the Builders.

  • Clean Job Sites

  • Building a family relationship with Mertins Homes

Inclusive Features and Options Available:
  • Excavation & Grading: 

    • Erosion control, stripping top soil, stone tracking pad, foundation excavation, backfill foundation, rough grading, garage and front stoop will be stone back filled. 

  • Sewer/Water lateral or septic and wells are By-job based.

  • Poured Concrete Foundation 9'-tall walls.

  • Custom option for foundation insulation:

    • Tuff-n-dri

    • Flat out (2' stirofoam)​

  • Concrete Flatwork: 4" basement/garage floors

  • ONLY use REAL masonry products, NO veneers

  • Lumber: We don't use OSB instead we use CDX exteriors wall and Advantec sheathing.

  • Fireplace: optional for homeowners, By-job based.

    • Gas or Natural​

    • 40% of our previous homes are Gas, if natural buring fireplace is installed, we still provide the future pipeline for gas during install.

  • Windows: Home Owner's choice, however we will always recommend Marvin Windows.

  • Siding: Cedar or LP (maintenance free), Natural Products. By-Job based.

  • Roofing: install felt underlayment, shingles with lifetime manufacturer warranty. Prefinished roof sheet metal and flashings, ventilation installation, and ice and water membrane.

    • Home Owner's choice of color.​

  • Gutters: 6" aluminum seamles and Downspouts: 4" aluminum

    • Home Owner's option for gutter screens​

  • Insulation: R-23 fiberglass-batt exterior walls, R-50 garage, R-19 garage walls.

  • Garage Doors: Completely optional for the Home Owners

    • Majority of homes built opt for Cedar over aluminum, but have the option for installation of aluminium with the "look of Cedar". 

  • Weatherstrip and Caulking included on exterior

  • Plaster in leu of drywall

  • Trim: Home Owner's Choices

    • Staining-option of wood type​

    • painted - standard of Poplar

      • Includes:

        • Crown molding per plan 

        • 2nd floor and lower levels: 3-1/2" casing with 5-1/2" base

        • 1st floor: 3-1/2" casing with 3-1/4" backband, 7-1/2" base

  • Appliances: Home Owner's Choice of package

  • Shelving and storage: 3-1/4" birch plywood with taped front edge and clear coat for closets (found to be more durable).

  • Tile and Flooring: Home Owner's Choice

    • Wood flooring is common with random width 3"-4"-5" or 4"-5"-6''. Finished on site, no pre-finished.​

    • High quality carpeting

  • Stairs: parts match wood flooring, 5" newel posts, 1-3/4" wood balusters and stained handrails.

    • Traditional built stairs (route in stringers)​

  • Cabinetry: Rough Cabinet for pricing design allowance with cabinet design subject to change. (Home Owner's choice).

  • Painting/staining:

    • painted surfaces will receive primer plus 2 finish coats with sanding in between. 

    • stained surfaces: staining, sealer, 2 finish coats with sanding in between.

    • Base price for intereior primed walls with 1 coat color. If 2nd coat is required this is an additional cost.

    • Exterior walls: Always 2 coats finished.

  • Countertops: Home Owner's Choice

    • typical Mertins Homes builds install granite in Kitchen or reminant granite in smaller spaces​ such as bathrooms.

  • Mirrors and Shower doors: Home Owner's Choice

    • recommend Donovan Mirror & Glass​

  • Hardware for doors and cabinets: Home Owner's Choice

    • recommend Emtec​

  • HVAC: 95% efficient furnace, 13 SEER air conditioning, programmable thermostat, no media air cleaner - HRV.

  • Electrical: 200 amp underground with 40-circuit panel, under-cabinet lights, floor outlet at great room, can lights. 

    • Generous lighting and fan options. Seperate audio allowance (TVs, phones, internet).

  • Plumbing: combination of copper and PEX water piping (option to do all copper).

    • Gas lines to appliances and fireplaces.​

  • Water Conditioning allowance: RO, iron curtain, softener

  • Survey/permit fees - allowance varies per Job

  • Clean-up: provided allowance for dumpster, restroom, job site cleaning, windows and general cleaning.


Features and options are included in the proposal budget and are ultimately are chosen by the Home Owner at the start of every project. Each are subject to change based on the Home Owner's wants and needs.

We are a Custom Home builder, your custom home starts with what you as a Home Owner are looking for.

We want to make sure you get EXACTLY what you want and more. Each home budget is customer based; however, quality, workmanship, and product is our focus.

For a more indepth explanation of the Key Features and Recommendations provided above please feel free to contact us.

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